SPRINGFIELD – A new law incentivizing Illinoisans to purchase vehicles manufactured in-state was signed Friday with support from State Senator Scott Bennett.

“We have wonderful manufacturers right here in Illinois that offer a wide variety of high-quality vehicles,” said Bennett (D-Champaign). “Encouraging consumers to purchase vehicles that are manufactured in-state is an easy way to spark our statewide economy.”

The new law, originally Senate Bill 3609, offers Illinoisans the opportunity to apply for a $25 rebate on the title fee for cars and passenger trucks manufactured in Illinois. Consumers will have one year from the month the vehicle was manufactured to apply for the rebate.

“This law will help our local manufacturers and promote economic growth in our communities,” Bennett said. “Residents that buy a vehicle manufactured in-state will have money put right back into their pockets.”

The law takes effect Jan. 1, 2024.

welding student 020722SPRINGFIELD – A new law backed by State Senator Scott Bennett will give students more career options following high school graduation.

“Most high school students are funneled into two- or four-year universities,” said Bennett (D-Champaign). “Little thought is given to other paths toward adulthood, and students aren’t always fully aware of their options.”

The new law ensures students have more options for careers to pursue by requiring school counseling services to include Career and Technical Education to help students consider secondary education plans following high school.

Earlier this year, Bennett celebrated the importance of career and technical programs across the state by supporting an effort to designate the month of February as Career Technical Education Month in Illinois.

“College is a wonderful experience, but it should not be promoted at the expense of trade schools and skilled labor jobs,” said Bennett. “This law will make students aware of other career opportunities beyond graduation.”

The law, originally Senate Bill 3990, was signed into law Friday.

BennettCreditStudentBooksSPRINGFIELD – In an effort to save students money, Senate Higher Education Committee Chair Scott Bennett spearheaded a new law to make course materials more accessible.

“In the fight to make college more affordable and accessible for Illinois families, we can’t overlook the rising costs of textbooks,” said Bennett (D-Champaign). “It’s become apparent that traditional publishers are not providing students the materials they need at a cost they can afford so we have to consider cost-saving alternatives.”

Under the law, previously known as House Bill 4724, students will receive digital access to their online course materials at a significantly reduced cost. These materials can be viewed on a computer, laptop or smartphone on the first day of class.

Bennett worked closely with the University of Illinois on the legislation to ensure students are set up for success by offering maximum choice in selecting the learning resources that are right for them at the lowest market price.

“With this new law, higher education institutions will put course materials in students’ hands the right way and at the right price,” said Bennett.

The law was signed by the governor Friday and takes effect immediately.

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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Scott Bennett (D-Champaign) supported a new law that curbs organized retail theft and holds ringleaders accountable.

“When an organized retail crime is committed, our communities are harmed in ways that extend beyond lost revenue and stolen products,” Bennett said. “This new law gives our state the opportunity to hold people responsible by enacting one of the most comprehensive crime-curbing efforts in the country.”

In partnership with Illinois Retail Merchants Association and the office of the attorney general, the law defines Organized Retail Crime as a specific criminal charge and provides prosecutors with additional resources to hold perpetrators accountable. The law codifies ORC as the theft of retail merchandise with intent to sell.

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